Introducing Wago PLC Controllers and the Wago I/O System 750

Seamless Modular I/O Integration with WAGO

Seamless Modular I/O Integration with WAGO
Controllers and the I/O System 750

Wago Controllers and the Wago I/O System 750 work together to create a flexible and efficient automation solution, tailored for a variety of industrial applications.

The Wago I/O System 750 consists of a range of modular I/O modules, designed for decentralised automation tasks. These modules connect seamlessly with Wago Controllers and go a step further by combining traditional PLC functions with advanced data processing capabilities, making them ideal for IoT applications as well.

Programming is conducted using CODESYS V3.5 software, where users define the control logic and algorithms. The controller processes input signals from the I/O modules, executes the programmed logic, and sends output signals to the relevant modules, ensuring real-time control and monitoring.

The modular nature of the Wago I/O System 750 allows users to customise their setup by selecting the necessary I/O modules and mounting them on a DIN rail. A fieldbus coupler connects these modules to the controller, enabling efficient data transfer via protocols like Ethernet/IP, Profibus, and Modbus TCP.

Within the system, the modules communicate through an internal bus managed by the fieldbus coupler.

Applications of this system range from industrial automation, controlling machinery and production lines, to building automation, managing HVAC and security systems, and energy management, monitoring consumption and integrating renewable sources.

By combining the robust control capabilities of Wago Controllers with the adaptable and modular design of the Wago I/O System 750, users can develop effective and customised automation solutions for a wide range of needs.

Image of WAGO I/O Controllers - Open – Flexible – Compact
WAGO I/O Controllers - Open – Flexible – Compact

Wago Controllers Have You Covered

WAGO offers programmable controllers in a wide variety of performance classes for performing any automation task. And, they can be used for both centralised and decentralised applications. For decentralised control tasks, the WAGO controllers can be incorporated into the most prevalent fieldbus networks and they record all field signals via I/O modules.

Image of Wago I/O System 750 - The Connectivity Hero
Wago I/O System 750 - The Connectivity Hero

The System for Every Application

Boasting more than 500 I/O modules, programmable controllers and fieldbus couplers, WAGO’s I/O System offers all the functions required for your automation needs – and every fieldbus. The remote I/O System is the decentralised peripheral for automation technology. The tool-free wiring is intuitive for worldwide use, and the lever ensures that the contact point is always securely closed. The optional pluggable connection for the 753 Series minimises both hardware and system expenses.

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