Fibre Termination Part 1 - Preparing the Cable

Preparing the Cable Warning When handling fibre cables you should wear safety glasses, gloves and a long sleeve shirt.

1. This video demonstrates doing this with a LAPP Star Strip tool. Strip the cable back around 1 to 2m. Use the tool to create a spiral cut for 1m. Then use a knife to cut the segments and remove.

2. Once the black sheath is removed, cut away the white pulling yarn. To do this use the kevlar scissors (provided in the termination kit). This will leave just the central internal loose tube.

3. Use the fibre strippers (provided in the termination kit) to cut and remove the fibre loose tube (using the largest cut diameter). Remove the loose tube to expose the internal colour coded fibres. The fibre cores are strong and very flexible, however be careful not to damage them.

4. Use cleaning alcohol and lint free wipes (provided in the termination kit) to clean off the gel from the fibres. Repeat this process a few times until the gel is completely removed.

Click here to go to part two of the tutorial... Fibre Termination Part 2 - Cleaver & Terminate the Fibre-Connector

For more information on the products used in this tutorial, please follow the lnk below: ECS Fibre Networking PDF

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