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Secure Your Edge Connectivity with Moxa

Secure Hardened Solutions for Edge Connectivity with Moxa

Moxa's edge connectivity solutions, based on IEC 62443 standards, not only provide you with hardening devices, but also offer an easy-to-use yet secure network management tool, enhancing your device security in every aspect.


Embedded Security Functions

  • Verify authorized users before logging in to the device
  • Enhance device integrity with CRC code verification
  • Ability to disable unused ports and services
  • Support TLS 1.2, HTTPS, and SNMPv3 for secure connections
  • Whitelisting functions only allow permitted IP addresses

Efficient Security Management

  • Mass configuration tools for easy security patches on a large scale
  • Easily checks device security status with network management tools
  • Continuously monitors vulnerability updates and takes the necessary actions to reduce unknown security risks


Moxa offers secure hardened solutions for a variety of connectivity demands.

Including Serial Connectivity, Protocol Converters and Remote I/Os.
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