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Power Up Industrial System Over Ethernet with Moxa

The Most Comprehensive PoE solutions for Mission-Critical Applications

As a leading provider of edge connectivity, industrial computing, and network infrastructure solutions, Moxa offers the most comprehensive portfolio of industrial PoE switches that ensure reliable power sourcing and delivery to your critical network deployments.

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All PoE standards (PoE/PoE+/PoE++) are supported. Moreover, Moxa’s proprietary PoE solutions with 36 W and 60 W high power output satisfy custom needs.

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Industrial Reliability

Rugged hardware is designed for harsh environments. Moxa’s many innovations ensure switches are built to last and deliver uninterrupted network communication for critical automation systems.

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One-Stop Shop for a Complete Lineup

Our comprehensive PoE solutions with a lineup of more than 100 models offer one-stop shop flexibility. We cater to all power budgets, HV/LV redundant power inputs, Ethernet interfaces, form factors, installation requirements, and more.

Industrial Applications Deployed with Moxa PoE Switches

Digital Mining

Real-time Video Streaming and Monitoring Network for Autonomous Haulage System in Surface Mining


  • A reliable cellular communication and networking solution for real-time monitoring of autonomous mining trucks 
  • A compact, robust design for on-board equipment that withstands constant vibration and harsh environments
  • PoE switches for powering the powered devices (PDs) on trucks
  • Ease of configuring and diagnosing

Why Moxa

  • High MTBF and five-year warranty
  • Anti-shock and anti-vibration PoE switches, IP cameras, remote I/O, and industrial computers with M12 connectors, all with dust-tight IP rating
  • OnCell LTE cellular router featuring VPN, firewall, and NAT functions to protect internal networks from unauthorized access
  • Fanless design that delivers outstanding thermal performance
  • Awarded multiple industry certifications
  • ABC-01 Series configurators offer automatic network configuration backup and restoration, improving maintenance efficiency while reducing system downtime


Smart Rail

Communication Network for Tramway Ticketing System


  • Long-distance data transmission from multiple ticketing kiosks for traffic analysis
  • Redundant network connectivity to ensure uninterrupted system operations
  • Industrial-grade durability to withstand onboard shocks and vibrations
  • Cost-effectiveness

Why Moxa

  • RKS-G4028 Series’ fiber module supports long-distance communication
  • RKS-G4028 Series with optional 802.3bt PoE module supports 90 W power output per port
  • Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain technologies support Gigabit network recovery time of less than 50 ms at 250-switch load
  • RKS-G4028 Series features a wide operating temperature range from -40 to 75˚ C
  • EN 50121-4 certified to withstand extreme wayside conditions
  • Complete communication networks with network infrastructure, edge connectivity, and computing solutions to ensure interoperability and reduce system integration costs


Intelligent Transportation

Smart City Traffic Improvement with Intelligent Transportation System


  • Effective traffic management solution for communication between vehicles, operators, and onsite control stations
  • Remote monitoring as part of onsite failure detection
  • Real-time data collection from various roadside sensors
  • Robust design that withstands the harsh outdoor environment

Why Moxa

  • Comprehensive solution for real-time response
  • Moxa’s V2403C Series is a cutting-edge computing platform that acts as a roadside unit (RSU) for collecting data from sensors and surveillance videos from cameras. Via Moxa’s EDS-4012 Series managed switches, it also serves as a bridge between edge computing devices and the ITS server for real-time communication
  • Moxa’s EDS-4012 Series managed PoE switches supply adequate power to IP cameras and Wi-Fi APs for municipal free internet service
  • Moxa’s Turbo Ring technology ensures a network recovery time of less than 20 ms and STP/ RSTP/MSTP offers network redundancy, thereby helping maintain stable networks for real-time communication
  • Industry certified for secure and stable operation under harsh conditions


Oil and Gas

Remote Pipeline Monitoring


  • Long-distance Gigabit network backhaul to connect subsystems in the field
  • Reduce power cabling issues for remote IP cameras and other PDs
  • Reliable, high-density Ethernet switches with multiple interfaces that can aggregate real-time video, voice, and data from remote subsystems
  • Resilient industrial-grade devices that can operate in harsh conditions
  • A DIN-rail design to fit inside cabinets

Why Moxa

  • Modular switches with fiber interfaces to connect pipeline subsystems to the remote control center over long distances
  • Adequate PoE power supply
  • Gigabit Turbo Ring supports network recovery time less than 50 ms
  • Fanless, compact, and rugged ATEX Zone 2-and C1D2-certified design featuring DIN-rail installation
  • MXview One Series networking management software offers real-time monitoring of network status from the control center


Power Substations

Security Monitoring Network for Power Substation Access Control


  • Millisecond-level recovery networks to connect more than 150 substations nationwide
  • 24/7 reliability for continuous security monitoring
  • Connectivity and availability during EMI and surge conditions
  • Reduce power cabling issues for remote IP cameras and VoIP
  • Real-time monitoring and management to reduce costly visits to remote unmanned locations

Why Moxa

  • EDS-P510A Series PoE switches allow for high bandwidth, long-distance transmission as well as PoE+ power supply to remote powered devices
  • EDS-P510A Series and IKS-G6728A Series support Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain network redundancy
  • Industrial-grade products designed to withstand harsh operating conditions
  • Embedded Smart PoE function enables the EDS-P510A Series PoE switches to detect failures and auto-reboot powered devices to ensure continuous operation


Container Terminal Automation

Reliable PoE Networks for Crane OCR Systems


  • PoE switches to overcome wire-deployment obstacles at height or on the ground
  • Each port supplies 60 W power to high-resolution cameras, including PTZ cameras, for accurate container recognition
  • Robust switches must withstand outdoor environments, particularly constant exposure to humid and salt-rich coastal air
  • High-reliability networks to ensure real-time image processing and transmission
  • User-friendly network management software that allows operators to manage the crane OCR system network remotely and effectively

Why Moxa

  • Comprehensive PoE switches portfolio that satisfies all IP camera power sourcing requirements
  • To power up multiple cameras, the EDS-P506E-4PoE Series supports up to four 60 W PoE ports with a 180 W power budget
  • High EMI protection, a fanless design for harsh outdoor environments, and a wide operating temperature range from -40 to 75°C
  • Smart PoE function supports automatic PD failure detection and rebooting for network recovery, eliminating or minimizing the need for manual inspection or maintenance
  • MXview One Series network management software features real-time visualization of network status to improve crane OCR system reliability


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