Pepperl+Fuchs Proximity Sensors, The Evolution of an Everlasting Technology


It is hard to believe that the Inductive Sensor - which is now 63 years old - is still as much in demand as it was at its peak.


It is quite literally a true evergreen owing to the green end cap on the latest Pepperl+Fuchs generation.

This range of sensors has since grown to be one of the most extensive. That reflects not only the huge importance Pepperl+Fuchs places on the proximity sensor.

It also proves that the founding innovative drive still characterizes the corporate culture. Even today, Pepperl+Fuchs proximity sensors are regarded as technologically state-of-the-art and are a permanent feature in countless industries and markets the world over.

The question of how this technology has been developed over the decades and how it has mastered every stage of the automation evolution is even more exciting. Or what its role will be in the age of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation, which are conquering the automation industry.

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