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Delta’s RMC200 Becomes More Powerful and Affordable

Delta Computer Systems is delighted to announce even more utility from the best-in-class RMC200 motion controllers.

First, Delta is increasing the number of axes on the current RMC200 from 32 to 50, enabling control of the maximum number of physical axes that fit in a RMC200 B15 Base module. Next, Delta is releasing the new RMC200 Lite controller for up to 18 axes of control, featuring a more compact form factor with a new integrated CPU/Power Supply module and new B5L and B7L Base modules. Finally, Delta is decreasing the minimum loop times from 250µs to 125µs for more responsive control on fast-responding systems.

These improvements offer industrial users even more flexibility in specifying the best RMC motion controller for their application, with the cost-effective RMC200 Lite for — applications up to 18 axes, and the RMC200 Standard for applications that require up to 50 axes or require more processing power. Customers can easily adopt the new Lite controller, as it shares the same RMCTools software as all of Delta’s RMC controllers, and it supports all the same features as the Standard.

The new RMC200 Lite CPU includes a built-in power supply, making it more compact than the standard RMC200. The RMC200 Lite uses the new B5L (up to three I/O modules) or B7L (up to five I/O modules) bases. While CPU/PS and Base modules are unique to the RMC200 Lite, all I/O modules are interchangeable between the Standard and Lite configurations for easier handling of spare modules.

RMC200 Standard users can take advantage of the new increased axis capability and lower loop times simply by updating firmware and software at any time, free of charge. For each axis that is added, the Feature Key can be upgraded with additional control loops, either specified on initial purchase or upgraded in the field after sale, allowing the user to re- configure the RMC200 controller to fit the application. Simple positioning applications require one control loop per axis, while other control schemes, such as position-pressure or position-force control, require more than one control loop per axis.

“The whole team at Delta is so excited to bring the next improvement of our RMC motion controller family to industrial users,” says Steve Nylund, Delta’s CEO. “Delta strives to bring lasting value, ease-of-use, and flexibility with our products, and we believe the new RMC200 Lite gives users all of those qualities and more.” Continues Nylund, “With the power and versatility of the RMC200 Lite, and the increased axes and response times developed by Delta’s engineers, users can apply RMC200 motion controllers across a substantially larger range of projects.

The RMC200 Lite offers a more economical, compact, and lower power version of our proven RMC200 platform. And the firmware and software enhancements to the RMC200 Standard allow even greater possibilities for complete production line motion control within a single controller, meaning single point communications to PLC’s or HMI’s.”

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