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Working in Australia?

LAPP has just launched its first full operation in Australia.

Lapp Australia General Manager Simon Pullinger says the new facility will bring new levels of service and choice to the Australian market, offering strong inventory of over 1,000 product lines onshore as well as direct access to more than 40,000 standard items from Lapp’s global ranges.

This is great news for our New Zealand customers working because now we can now make available the full range of LAPP products locally.


No need to setup a new account

If you are working in Australia and need extra items, there is no need to setup a new account there. You can use your existing account with ECS New Zealand to purchase any items you require. 


Quick delivery times to sites across Australia

Shipping direct from the LAPP warehouse in Sydney NSW will save you time and money. 


Same high-level service for customers

One of the core fundamentals for LAPP Australia is offering the high-quality service. When dealing with the local office you can expect the same service level as you would receive in NZ.


Fully integrated systems

ECS and LAPP Australia’s systems are fully integrated. Our SAP systems, phone systems and email systems are all linked between our companies. This enables us to assist you faster from wherever you are.


Full range of LAPP products available

With a fully stocked 3100m2 warehouse, and weekly shipments arriving from Germany we are able to offer you the complete range with fast turn-around.


Work coming up in Australia?

Contact us today. We are happy to take away the headaches of sourcing products in a foreign country.


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