Click 'n' Crimp by CIMCO

This patented crimping tool system is far superior to conventional tool solutions thanks to two special features.

Firstly, the various crimping profile inserts for different types of connection are interchangeable, without needing any additional tools to do so, as they are locked in the pliers with a practical click-in mechanism.

Secondly, the plier handles act as a magazine holding for additional crimping profile pairs which means you don't have to carry a typical transport and storage case. In the meantime, we are now offering a wide range of crimping profiles which can be selected and combined individually.

Hardened Steel Body

The tool body is made of strong, specially tempered, hardened sheet steel, with leverage transfer for reduced use of manual force, adjustable ratchet mechanism with automatic release for standard-compliant crimping pressure, ergonomic 2-component handle sleeves, completely equipped with hardened precision crimping profile inserts. The combined tool weight including 3 crimping profile inserts comes to a total of only 690g.


CIMCO Click 'n' Crimp Crimping System Pliers

Click 'n' Crimp Parallel

Click-N-Crimp Crimping Tool

The unique crimping pliers with a newly developed parallel crimping profile insert to produce industrial standard crimping connections.

Crimping pliers with interchangeable crimping profile inserts, fixed by a catch holder in the tool body, offering profile change in seconds without the aid of any other tools.








With a range of optional and included crimping inserts,
the CIMCO click 'n' crimp can crimp all the following connector types.

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