TY-RAP Detectable cable ties

Increase product safety and reduce the risk of recalls.

TY-RAP® is well known as the quality cable tie with a steel tongue. But did you know there is also a special detectable version especially made for the food & beverage industry.

Made of a unique compound that is detectable by both x-ray and metal detection equipment, Ty-Rap® detectable cable ties help increase product safety and reduce the risk of recalls.

They're also buoyant and blue-coloured, for visual detection in liquid processes, further helping to ensure that cable tie clippings don't end up in your finished product. And, of course, they have the famous "Grip of Steel" that has made The Original Cable Tie™ the preferred choice of professionals for over fifty years.

Avoid Unpleasant Surprises with Ty-Rap® Detectable Cable Ties.

When you were six, you were thrilled to find the secret decoder ring at the bottom of the cereal box. But since then, you probably don't think of hidden surprises in food as a good thing. And if you're employed in food, beverage or pharmaceutical processing, the last thing you want is a consumer finding the trimmed-off end of a cable tie packaged in with your product.

In fact, some manufacturing plants in industries sensitive to contamination have banned the use of nylon cable ties in their manufacturing plants, because standard nylon can pass unnoticed through metal detectors, x-ray equipment and standard visual detection systems.

Now there's an alternative to potentially contaminating your product with standard nylon cable ties or paying for expensive stainless steel fasteners. Ty-Rap® Detectable Cable Ties are made from standard nylon or polypropylene, but incorporate a unique, patent-pending compound detectable by metal detectors and x-ray equipment. Their bright blue colour makes them easy to spot, and the polypropylene version is buoyant, making it ideal for use in liquid processing areas.

With Ty-Rap® Detectable Cable Ties, you have all of the advantages of the original TyRap® Cable Tie, including a smooth body with an infinitely adjustable design, high performance stainless steel locking device for a perfect fit and superior holding power — plus the peace of mind of knowing the integrity of your product is uncompromised.

Where Should I Use TY-RAP® Detectable Blue Cable Ties?

Application Range

  • Food and beverage industry, especially where food is open and could be contaminated
  • Used in conjunction with X-Ray or Metal Detectors, or Visual Inspection Equipment


  • The entire length of the cable tie (not just the metal head) is detectable.
  • Contain unique compound that can be detected by X-Ray equipment, Metal Detectors and Visual Inspection equipment. Traditional cable ties cannot be detected by X-Rays or Metal Detectors.
  • The colour blue is easy to visually see so you know the correct cable tie has been used
  • Buoyant - Will float in liquid (Polypropylene version)
  • Metal tongue ensures a permanent hold
  • Help achieve the HACCP EU-Directive (Regarding Food Safety Standards)


Where Should I Use TY-RAP® Standard Black Metal Head Cable Ties?

Application range

  • Anywhere you want your cable tie to hold tong term (due to the metal tongue)
  • Can be used in food production where there is no chance part of the cable tie could break off into the food
  • Industrial Installations
  • Outdoor installations


  • Metal tongue ensures a permanent hold 
  • Weather-resistant for harsh environmental conditions
  • UL Listed for export to the USA


TY-RAP® is a registered trademark of Thomas & Betts

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