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LAPP Black Circ’ TPS - Now with XLPE Inner Insulation

LAPP, our leading provider of high-quality cables and cable accessories, recently announced the addition of a new XLPE Inner Insulation to their Circular TPS Cable.

This new feature offers several benefits over traditional insulation materials, including improved safety, durability, and overall performance. Available now from ECS.

Circular TPS is a basic power cable suitable for fixed installation in industrial and commercial applications. It has a hard PVC sheath making it mechanically robust. Circular TPS is a great alternative for Flat TPS as circular is easier to run and position giving a far superior, professional result. While the LAPP Black Circular TPS is available 1.5mm through to 95mm, the new XLPE version applies to 10mm and above. The addition of XLPE inner insulation offers several significant benefits & features over traditional insulation materials.

Here are some of the key feature benefits of XLPE Inner Insulation.

Enhanced Safety

One of the primary benefits of the XLPE inner insulation is that it provides enhanced safety for users. XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) is a thermosetting polymer that is resistant to high temperatures, making it ideal for use in harsh environments where traditional insulation materials might fail. In addition, XLPE insulation is also resistant to moisture, chemicals, and other environmental factors that can cause degradation and compromise the safety of traditional cables. This makes the addition of XLPE an excellent choice for applications in harsh industrial environments, where safety is a top priority.

Increased Durability

Another major benefit of the XLPE is that it offers increased durability over traditional insulation materials. XLPE is known for its resistance to abrasion, impact, and puncture, which means that it can withstand harsh conditions. This increased durability translates into longer cable life and reduced maintenance costs over time. It also means that it is less likely to fail or break, which is especially important in critical applications where downtime can be costly and dangerous.

Improved Performance

Finally, XLPE also offers improved performance over traditional insulation materials. It is an excellent insulator, meaning that it can effectively prevent electrical leakage or short-circuiting. This improved performance translates into better overall system performance, as well as increased energy efficiency making XLPE an excellent choice for applications that require high levels of precision and reliability.


XLPE Black Circ' Available Now from ECS

If you're looking for a high-quality cable that can withstand harsh environments and deliver reliable performance, it is definitely worth considering the new Black Circular TPS with XLPE Inner Insulation from LAPP. Available now through New Zealand's official partner and distributor of LAPP premium German engineered Electrical Cable - ECS.




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