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Moxa's Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions Bolster Network Security Banner
Moxa's Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions Bolster Network Security

Protect Your Critical Assets

Moxa has introduced its new industrial cybersecurity solutions to bolster network security.

The EtherCatch IEC-G102-BP Series industrial IPS can detect and block malicious traffic inside industrial networks. With the EtherFire IEF-G9010 Series industrial IPS firewalls, administrators can segment networks with fine-grained Layer 2 to Layer 7 firewall policies and IPS capability. The Security Dashboard Console allows operators to manage and monitor the network security status from one management console in real-time. With Moxa's industrial cybersecurity solutions, business owners can protect their critical assets and ensure continuous operations with minimal effort.


Moxa Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions


EtherCatch IEC-G102-BP Series

Industrial IPS


  • Ultra-compact industrial security box with IPS/IDS
  • Fine-grained policy enforcement with whitelisting control
  • Bump-in-the-wire installation without impacting the network

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EtherFire IEF-G9010 Series

Industrial IPS Firewall


  • Compact, security-hardened, and rugged design
  • Fine-grained Layer 2 to Layer 7 firewall policy with IPS capability
  • Industrial NAT and network segmentation

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Security Dashboard Console

Industrial Network Security Management Software


  • Centralized cybersecurity management with real-time dashboards
  • OT visibility including device identification and network traffic analyzer
  • Automatically deploy virtual patches without disrupting operations

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