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Try the Pinnacle of Screen Technology

A tough application, led to a new generation of VSD cable. The installation demanded the best in screening performance, but also required a flexible cable with the smallest possible bending radius. LAPP GROUP created a totally new product unlike anything currently on the market.

The new LAPP VSD ULTRA gets its name from the special ULTRA performance screen.This innovation in design has a 100% Copper Wrap Screen, reducing the resistance of the screen compared to traditional VSD cables.

Nobody wants to go back to site to fault find EMC screening issues, so ECS have chosen to make the new ULTRA Screen the standard for all VSD cable requests in New Zealand. We are now stocking all sizes from 1.5mm to 50mm.

Our new VSD Ultra Screen Cable is the Pinnacle of Screen Technology and it's perfect mate is the SKINTOP® BRUSH Cable Gland.


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