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Fail Safe Connection Technology by WAGO

Minimise costs and maximise your application safety with WAGO Cage Clamp technologies from ECS.

As the world leader in spring pressure connection technology, WAGO offers the perfect connection system to meet your specific needs. As early as 1951, WAGO implemented the concept of using spring pressure instead of screws to connect conductors.

The ‘WAGO Connector’ was the world’s first push-wire connector for junction boxes. With the invention of the Cage Clamp, WAGO set new standards that are continually expanding and optimising. Using WAGO’s connection technology, you benefit from vibration-proof, fast and maintenance-free connections.

For All Conductor Types

Push-in Cage Clamp spring pressure terminals are suitable for all conductor types: solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors, as well as fine-stranded conductors with ferrules or pin terminals, and tip-bonded conductors. Moreover, all conductors can be connected without preparation: ferrules and pin terminals can be used but are not mandatory to achieve a secure clamping connection.

High contact quality

In addition to correctly selecting the materials and surface coating, the contact pressure determines the quality of the clamping connection. The conductor is pressed against the current bar in a predefined contact area without damage. The contact zone is deliberately designed to be small and curved, not flat, in order to exert high contact pressure. The clamping force adjusts automatically to the conductor size and the clamp dynamically compensates for conductor deformation due to flow effects.

A superior design eliminates the risk of a loose connection; contact breaks are excluded. The conductor is embedded in a soft tin layer. The transition point is resistant to corrosive infiltration. The long-term consistency of the contact resistance is ensured – even in aggressive atmospheres.


  • Shorter wiring times to reduce labour costs
  • Faster commissioning reduces upfront costs, and maintenance-free connections provide long-term savings
  • Maintenance-free, spring pressure connection technology: Greater system uptime and equipment reliability
  • Rugged design: Products with Cage Clamp technology can also be used in harsh environments



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