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New Black Control Cable from LAPP

The #1 Control Cable in the world just got better.

LAPP Germany have just released two new variations to the OLFLEX CLASSIC 110 range; the new 110 Black and 110 Black LT. These two new variations have some features which can really benefit you. The OLFLEX 110 Black has improved UV performance, making this cable ideal for installation outdoors and in applications where you might prefer black cable. The OLFLEX 110 Black LT is specially designed for flexing applications at extra low temperatures (down to -30 with occasional flexing). Traditional OLFLEX 110 is suitable for occasional flexing down to -15 degrees, so the LT variation adds an extra 15 degrees.



OLFLEX CLASSIC 110 black core diagram

OLFLEX 110 Always Delivers

  • Superior Flexibility
  • High Quality Construction
  • Clear Conductor Numbering Printed Every 30mm
  • Small Overall Diameter

Did you know…

Our standard OLFLEX 110 Black and Grey is such a superior quality cable, it meets the testing criteria and is approved for flexing installation in dragchains* and twisting installation in wind turbines**

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*Dragchains for travelling Distances up to 5m and 0.2-1million bending cycles, 0.5 to 2.5mm2 for 2 to 7 conductors
**Wind turbine installation in accordance with WTG

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