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Why use WAGO Electronic Circuit Breakers?

Learn why electronic circuit breakers (ECBs) within the WAGO EPSITRON® Power Supply lineup provide greater system safety and compare protection systems.

Switched-mode power supplies provide DC voltage to control circuit loads such as PLCs, Operator Panels/ HMI, Network switches, Industrial PCs, Vision Inspecting Systems, High-End sensors etc.

These control circuits also need wiring protection and if the load has no protective unit of its own, device protection as well. Furthermore, Machinery Directive EN 60204 requires detecting hazardous ground faults in control circuits and switching them off within five seconds.

The overcurrent protection in primary switched-mode power supplies reacts very quickly to overcurrents on the output side. Selective protection of individual current paths in the secondary circuit via fuses or conventional circuit breakers is often ineffective if the power supply cannot deliver a brief overcurrent.

There are different ways to protect our Secondary Circuits and one provides the best possible protection.


Possible applications:

  • Low-voltage, high-power and DP fuses
  • High overcurrents required for fast tripping


  • In the example: ten-fold overcurrent (related to fuse nominal current): Tripping within a range of 30 ms (best case) or 200 ms (worst case)
  • Only two-fold overcurrent: tripping within a range of 2 s (best case) or >100 s (worst case).

Thermal and Magnetic

Possible applications:

  • Found in circuit breakers or motor protection switches
  • High overcurrents required for fast tripping


  • In the example: three- to five-fold overcurrent for B-characteristic and AC operation, additional safety factor: 1.2 or 1.5
  • Thus, in the worst case scenario, a tripping current of 7.5 times the nominal current is necessary.


Possible applications:

  • Precision setting options
  • Reaction within a short time – even with low overcurrents
  • Protection of long cable runs and small cross sections possible

ECBs ensure reliable protection, even at low overcurrents and with long cable lengths.

EPSITRON® - Electronic Circuit Breakers

Product Overview

Single Channel ECBs

  • 24 VDC, six versions available for rated currents of 1 to 8 A with devices color coded according to nominal current
  • Wide surrounding air temperature range: −25 … +70°C (−13 … +158°F)

Multi Channels ECBs

  • Two-, four- and eight-channel protective switch with currents adjustable from 0.5 to 12 A
  • High switch-on capacity: > 50,000 µF
  • Communication capability: remote monitoring and reset ; IO-LINK
  • Optional Active Current Limitation

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