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MOXA Simplify Connectivity for Remote Monitoring

Real-time KPIs and dashboards with accurate data on shop floors give managers valuable insights as to when and where they need to adjust their production planning, therefore, a resilient and reliable network that connects a large number of existing data sources from various systems is critical. However, you will face challenges to connect various systems and monitor large networks. What if we can simplify connectivity for you to connect a large number of subsystems?


Connectivity Challenge #1.1

Connecting Various Systems Causes Network Outage


  • Commercial network devices cannot reliably perform 24-7 operations daily due to many interferences, e.g., EMC and surge, in OT environments.
  • Networks are not resilient enough
  • Unmanageable interoperability


Connectivity Challenge #1.2

Invisible Large Networks Mean  Unreliable Networks


  • The risk of network failure increases when thousands of network devices and machines are invisible
  • Have to operate multiple systems and software separately to manage network devices and physical connections

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