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Keeping Device Management Simple With MOXA

The days of headaches over managing a large number of devices are over.

Moxa has mass device management tools that ease your pain. Tools such as MXconfig, an intuitive network configuration tool, or MCC, a CLI configuration tool, can meet any device management requirement that your system might have. Check out our video to learn more.

Choose Products Based on Your Favorite Type of Management Interface

Our NPort and MGate Series of products support both CLI and GUI type of management tools. See our following product support list to find the right solution to make device management simple and easy.


Product Category Product Models MCC
Moxa CLI Configuration Tool
Intuitive Network Configuration Tool

Serial Device Servers

NPort 5400 Series  
NPort 5600 Series  
NPort 5600-DT Series  
NPort 5600-DTL Series  
NPort 5100A Series
NPort P5150A Series
NPort 5200A Series
NPort IA5000A Series
NPort 5000AI-M12 Series
NPort 6100/6200 Series
NPort 6400/6600 Series
NPort S8000 Series  
NPort S9450I Series  
NPort S9650I Series  

Industrial Protocol Gateways

MGate MB3170/3270 Series
MGate MB3180/3280/3480 Series
MGate MB3660 Series
MGate 5101-PBM-MN Series  
MGate 5102-PBM-PN Series  
MGate 5103 Series  
MGate 5105-MB-EIP Series  
MGate 5109 Series  
MGate 5111 Series  
MGate 5114 Series  
MGate 5118 Series  
MGate W5108/W5208 Series  
MGate EIP3170/3270 Series  


For more information about keeping device management simple with MOXA, check out the MOXA NZ microsite for Keeping Connectivity Simple.


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